kiss on the hand

Beautiful poses you can try on your wedding day. Most of us don’t know how to pose in front of the camera. But that’s okay! Here are some ideas you can try on the day. The most important thing to remember, is to just have fun & not worry too much ( that’s your photographer’s job).

forhead touching pose

Foreheads touching. I think there’s something so romantic, just being so close and having just your foreheads touching. Try this with your eyes closed, just be in the moment.

kiss on the head

Kiss on the head. A kiss on the head can be one of the most loving gestures. It shows love & respect. This has to be one of my favourite shots.

This shot is great both ways. I usually have the bride facing away so I can get a detail shot of the back of her dress. I then do the same pose with the groom facing away and the bride facing towards me.

Whenever I start a portrait session, one of the first things I ask is my couples to take a walk together. It’s nice for them to have a little moment together away from all their guests. As they walk away I sometimes ask the bride to look back. Love this simple shot.

bride and groom portrait

A cuddle. One of the simplest poses. The grooms arms can also go over the brides arms if you wanted a super tight cuddly look. Then a kiss on the cheek like in the below image.

Remember, through it all, just keep talking together, laughing, sharing memories. After all it’s an extra special day for you both.

kiss on the hand

Another very romantic shot. I love a kiss on the hand. It’s so beautiful and brings a little bit of that old fashioned romance that I’m all about!

A slight dip with a kiss. Another thing I get my couples to do is to have a little dance, a twirl, a dip, whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s all about having fun, having. laugh & not taking it too seriously.

Have a dance or two!

wedding portraits

Another shot I love taking is having you walk slightly apart like the image above. If you’re worried about remembering all these poses don’t worry, they’re always in my mind! 🙂

Here’s another one of my favs. Get your hubby to be to give you a small lift, and kick one of your legs up.

Thank you for reading! I hope this blog has been useful to you, but remember, the most important thing for you to do is just have fun, and let your photographer lead or guide you through your portraits. So if you’re camera shy or not sure what to do, don’t worry as it’s our job to help you through that.

Lots of love,

Jes x

March 9, 2023


  1. Kene says:

    These poses are so beautiful and elegant. Very much enjoyed reading. Great read!!!

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